What is a day in the life of an Enjoy Expert?

Our days begin with a team huddle. We celebrate successes and discuss initiatives. From there, we each commandeer our assigned fleet vehicle that has been thoroughly prepared by our Fulfillment team. 

Next, we call each customer that we'll be meeting with. After introducing ourselves and setting goals, we set out on our first visit. During each visit, we focus on connecting with Enjoyers. We deliver their original purchase while identifying and offering additional experience-enhancing solutions. After 30-minutes (average) and five-stars later, we proceed to our next visit. 

Following lunch, we help the remaining Enjoyers that have placed orders. As we wrap up our day, we return our fleet vehicle to our Enjoy House. Lastly, we call it a day (well done). 

It's common for Experts to have seven to ten visits per shift. With that, it's important that we manage our time effectively. Fortunately, with designated zones and scheduled blocks, our team helps us make the most of it.