How do I change or edit my order?

We’ve got you covered! While we may not be able to make every type of change to your order, we will let you know if you will need to cancel and replace your order.

Change the product(s) are on the order

If you have changed your mind on the type of device you want (color, storage size, specific model), then you would have to cancel your order and replace it for the device(s) you would like. 

Change the delivery location

Our Experts are excited to meet with you and hand-deliver your new technology! We understand that sometimes you may need to change the delivery address on your order. Check out our article What if I need to change my delivery time or location? to see next steps. 

Change the recipient of the order

If you are unable to be physically present for your delivery, follow the steps outlined in this article to see how to authorize someone else to meet with our Enjoy Expert: If I cannot be there, can someone else receive my delivery?

Change how you receive your order

Would you prefer to not have Enjoy deliver your order? We want you to get your new device(s) as soon as possible in the way you want! Check out: Can I have my order shipped or pick it up in a store instead?