What do I need for my Enjoy delivery?

With our Enjoy service, we do need a few things from you for a smooth and successful delivery:

  • At least one responsible adult, age 18 or older, to be present to meet with our Expert. This individual must be either the recipient or an authorized recipient on the order and have a valid government issued photo ID.
  • Some of your time. As some of our orders we process while with you in person or if you wish to have our Expert provide setup and training, please make sure to be available for our Expert to complete the processing of your order and/or assist you with any setup needs they can assist you with prior to their leaving.

If you're receiving an AT&T delivery, you will need to have:

  • The Account holder or an authorized user on the AT&T account physically present with a form of valid ID. (To add an authorized user on an existing account)
  • Your phone number, billing zip code, account passcode (if you have one), an account with no past-due balances, and a credit card on hand, just in case additional verification is needed.
  • Backed up contacts, texts, photos, and videos.